At ALP Overseas, we make relentless efforts to take new initiatives while expanding technologies, learning new processes and improving the current ones. Highly qualified & experience rubber technologist and chemical engineers work continuously towards innovation in our product range. Various developed technologies have benefited the company while substantially contributing to a green environment.

  • 01 The first company in India to make Bottom Molds and Brackets for Automotive Glass Industries
  • 02 The only Indian company making Silicone Gel Pads & Gel Syringe which act as a sensor protector in light & rain sensors
  • 03 Manufacturing EPDM Colour Granules locally as an import substitute
  • 04 Introduced Co-Extruded rigid PVC products like Arm Rest, Window Post Finisher & Chrome Film Molding for Indian automotive industry
  • 05 Developed Fuel Tank Strap in NBR rubber as a substitute of EPDM tank strap which do not swell or deteriorate in contact with fuel
  • 06 Developed EPDM underlay as an import substitute Acoustics barrier
  • 07 Development of recycled rubber products - The only Indian company converting EPDM waste into Door Mats, Scooter Mats, Golf Cart Mats etc
  • 08 Introduced Fibre infused Mud flaps & Bed Mats from tyre plants scrap which have excellent rigidity and durability for heavy duty mass transport vehicles