With an awareness on severe environmental & Ecological challenges, ALP Overseas is responsibly committed to contribute towards a greener future through sustainable development practices. As part of our core philosophy, sustainability is an essential element of our business practices. Our leadership and teams are constantly focusing towards resource conservation, Green house gas abatement and pollutant reduction.

  • Resource Management
    • Materials reduction & recycling
    • Energy efficiency by cycle time reduction & faster line speed
    • Product innovation from waste rubber
  • Pollutant Reduction
    • Green materials, Usage of green carbon
    • Green supply chain, sourcing of scrap & waste rubber from tyres company to convert into useable products
    • Compliances (like ROHS, REACH, Halogen free)
  • Green House Gas Abetment
    • Recycling ensures lesser energy sourcing and lower carbon emission through low methane releasing out of landfill sites.