ALP Overseas is a well-known brand in the Automotive Retail Segment for manufacturing quality and defect free sealing Products for most vehicles in India. ALPO’s EPDM sealing products are designed to perfectly seal all the Cars/ SUV/ LCV/ TRUCKS/ Buses from Noise, Dust, Vibration, water and Air pressure. The Company uses best quality EPDM rubber for its excellent Resistance to Weather, UV, Heat, and Ozone as compared to many other popular rubber options. EPDM can be formulated to be resistant to temperatures as high as 150 °C and as low -40 °C to ensure long lasting performance.

The company also offers a wide range of Car & Scooter Mats, Wheel Chocks and Dock Fenders. The high quality range of Shower seals provide a complete solution and are known for no discoloration even after years of usage. ALP Overseas also offers a range of innovative Silicone Gel pads which are used for fixing most of the Automatic Sensor on the Glass of the Cars, SUV, LCV, HCV and Buses. ALP Overseas has the capability to develop all these products in-house from scratch and that gives us the edge over our competitors.